Are Cannaches Real

A cannache is the relationship between cannabis and a couch. In its purest form, it is the act of smoking cannabis while sitting on a couch. While there are thousands of cannaches across America and more and more coming about each year through legalization. A real question is, is the term real and where did it originate from?

The term cannache was first used in early 2000 in the height of Colorado and California legalization. With thousands of Americans sitting on their coaches smoking cannabis a new and independent word was created to describe the experience., While it is possible to smoke not on the couch like the kitchen table or dinner table the couch is the go-to spot for the majority of smokers today. The balance of comfiness and ease of the surrounding needs makes it perfect for smoking.

Overall the term is not real and just something made up for stoners to have a good life while they smoke cannabis on their coaches at home. Maybe in 2023.

Thanks for reading!