Crafty vs Pax 3, Pros and Cons

A long-going debate for portable vaporizers has been Crafty vs Pax 3. Which is better? the most efficient and better bang for the buck. Both are made by reputable brands that have been in the cannabis vaporizer space for a while. Pax is one of the biggest players and one of the first to make high-quality cannabis vaporizers with Pax 1 and 2. Now with their all and improved Pax 3 promising better hits and overall a better experience. The Crafty is also a terrific vaporizer that has gotten a large portion of the online community behind it making it a huge community favorite for its vaper quality. To see today’s Florida medical cannabis deals click here. Both products have their pros and cons that we will lay out in the article. See below for a quick overview of each:

Crafty+$279Here2 preset + App45 minutes
Pax 3$199Here4 preset + App1.5 hour

Crafty vs Pax 3, Crafty Pros and Cons

The Crafty is a portable vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel offering a great cannabis vaping experience. It uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to heat up and vape the herb within the chamber without burning it too much. With great airflow, the vape quality does beat the Pax 3 in terms of vape production, and flavor. Pair that with the available app that allows you to set costume tempenture ranges remotely. Within enough trial and error, you can get the Crafty to hit perfectly. It does only have 2 preset temperatures 356 degrees and 383 degrees, but the app makes up for that allowing you to set a custom tempenture.

Crafty vs Pax 3, Crafty

The build quality is strong with some metal and plastic pieces. The plastic is high temperate resistance as the manufacture says. With the body having metal heat vents on the device it does cool faster and does not get so hot after many sessions. It is a little larger than the Pax 3 still being able to fit in deeper pockets.

The Crafty is also extremely easy to clean by disabling the top you can clean them with isopropyl alcohol and brush away at the chamber. The biggest drawbacks to the Crafty are its price point, size being a little chunky than the Pax 3, and the battery life. The battery life offers around 45 minutes on a full charge which can be a handful of sessions depending on the tempenture.

-Airflow & Vaper Quality
-Convection / Conduction Heating
-Easy To Clean
-Tempenture App

-More Expensive
-Shorter Battery Life

Crafty vs Pax 3, Pax 3 Pros and Cons

The Pax 3 is one of the newest iterations in the Pax brand lineup. Made by Pax Labs they have been making herb vapriozers for a while now. The Pax 1 and Pax 2 are great devices and paved the way for many dry herb vaporizers. They were really the first of their kind. The Pax 3 is the new and improved portable herb vaporizer that has all the features the first generations had and improvements. It uses conduction heating to vape and the herb within the chamber. Coming with 4 presets being 360, 380, 400, and 420 degrees, and like the Crafty has an app that allows you to set a costume temperature.

Crafty vs Pax3,Pax3

The vape quality is good but not on the same level as the Crafty. The clouds are still visible but not as thick or dense as the Crafty. But on the other side with longer battery life than the Crafty, you can take more hits and have more sessions than Crafty on a single charge.

The device’s build quality is very slick and smooth. It is the apple of vaporizers having no visible buttons and having a clean metal look to it. The device is controlled by gestures and the top mouthpiece pops out when pushed down so you can take a pull. The design has been criticized and praised. Praised for its look and simplicity and criticized for the device heating up. Since it uses conduction heating the device itself does heat up in your hand and after a couple of sessions, it might become too hot to hold. Make you put it down for a while to allow the device to cool down. Since the Pax is smaller and flush with itself it very easily fits in a pocket and is much more discreet to have out in public.

The biggest drawbacks to the Pax3 in the Crafty vs Pax 3 debate are the vape quality and cleaning of the device. There are a bunch of videos on youtube demonstrating the Crafty vs Pax 3 vape size and quality and almost every time the Crafty wins. Also, many users agree that the Crafty offers more flavor in the vape compared to the Pax 3. The biggest issues users find though is cleaning the device. The mouthpiece needs to be cleaned regularly as it moves in and out of the device so with a build-up it can jam and not come out properly. Also with cleaning you need to use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs to clean inside the device which can be a pain for some users. There are plenty of guides and videos on how to clean the Pax 3 “easily”.

-Smaller & Sleeker
-Longer Battery Life
-Temperature App

-Only Conduction Heating
-Harder To Clean & More Maintenance
-Smaller Vape Clouds

Crafty vs Pax 3, Conclusion

Overall in the debate of Crafty vs Pax 3 it depends on how you plan on using the device. Overall the better product is the Crafty but for some people, it might be the Pax 3. If you like using your device on adventures or out and about more then the Pax 3 might be better as it has a longer battery life and is smaller. Also if you want the cheapest quality device and don’t care for extra features then the Pax 3 because of its lower price. If you just plan to use it around the house or a friend’s house then the Crafty for its better vape quality and hybrid heating. They are both great cannabis vaping devices from reliable companies. We hope this has helped make an informative decision on the Crafty vs Pax 3. Which one is your next vaping device?

Stay safe and stay medicated!