How To Clean A Bong With Household Items

How To Clean A Bong With Household Items

No one likes having a dirty bong it looks bad and can lead to health issues with mold and bacteria being able to grow in the dirty bong. It also makes the smoke harsher and worsens the taste of your flower. So it is clear for a better smoking experience you need clean glass. That’s why you need to clean your glass for a smoother hit, better taste and it looks great. Who doesn’t love clean glass? 

There are many ways to clean a bong with household items some you might have in your house and some you might need to run out and get. You can find them all at Walmart or even the dollar tree. 

The picture of the bong is using this exact strategy with 99% isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt rocks. 

Things you will need
-Isopropyl Alcohol (stronger the better)
-Salt (bigger rock salt the better)
-Sandwich Bags
-Optional: Plastic Grocery Bag
-Optional: Rubber Bands
-Optional: Baby Bottle Cleaner

Step 1

Start by separating the three main bong pieces bong body, downstream, and bowl. Wash all the pieces with hot water to loosen the gunk and rosin out of the bong. Put the down stem and bowl each in their own sandwich bag for later. If you have the rubber bands and grocery bag cut a little piece out. Cover the downstream whole with the plastic piece you cut out and secure it with rubber hands. If you don’t have these then just use your thumb to cover the hole but be careful.  Fill the bong with the isopropyl alcohol like you would fill it with water and then add salt. This combination does a great job attacking the gunk and cleaning it. 

Now shake the bong making sure nothing is coming out of the down stem whole and top. Shaking it lets the salt scrub against the sides of the bong to clean it more. You should be able to see results right away and shake where needed. If some areas are still night coming out make sure that the isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture is covering it and let it sit for a couple of hours to really loosen it up. Then come back give it a good shake again and check. When you are done dump the dirty bong water out and rinse with hot water.  The bong should be much cleaner from when you started.

Optional Step

To take the cleaning up a notch you can use a baby bottle cleaner to get in the piece to scrub it down where the salt and isopropyl alcohol is not getting it. This is because they have hard bristles on them that help removes any build-up. Depending on your kind you can fit them in the mouthpiece to help clean the long part of the bong. If you have a smaller one that can fit in the down stem hole then you can get almost any build up off easy. 

If you do not have a baby bottle cleaner you can always pick one up for cheap at Walmart or even the dollar store. I picked one up years ago and it has been a great tool for cleaning. I like to use it after the first isopropyl alcohol and salt shake

Step 2

Now moving to the downstream and bowl. After you rinse them with hot water and put them into sandwich bags pour isopropyl alcohol and salt in the bag. Close the bag up and do the same thing you did with the bong body. Shake the bag a lot to try to get the salt to rub against all the rosin and gunk stuck to the sides of the down stem and bowl. I like to let them sit for an hour and then come back shake it one last time and dump out the gunk liquid. After, rinse the pieces with hot water to clean them up and get them ready to use.

How Often Should You Clean?

Smoking out of a dirty bong can be harmful to your health so cleaning it should be something you should be doing periodically. None the less having clean glass makes the smoke and hit smoother and more enjoyable. How often you clean it is up to you and depends on how often you use your bong to smoke. If daily then maybe once every two weeks but that’s up to you. Cleaning a bong is also about the pride of ownership having a clean bong is a thing of beauty and with some pieces costing hundreds of dollars, you don’t want to have a piece of art covered in mud.

Stay safe and stay medicated.  If you are a Florida medical cannabis patient click here to see deals and savings from all dispensaries.