How To Get Grow Healthy Ground Flower

How To Get Grow Healthy Ground Flower

Grow Healthy Ground Flower has become one of the best ground flower you can buy in Florida. Going for $25 for 7 grams of strain-specific pre-grounded flower. Making it $3.57 a gram a super good value. Grow Healthy sells it under the brand name “Last Resort” on the website. Unlike many other Florida dispensaries that sell ground flower Grow Heahlthys ground flower seems to be fresher, better quality, and nicer to smoke.

To see all dispensaries with ground flower click here. While this does depend on the strain and the batch many patients have said the ground flower is pretty consistent. It has quickly become a community favorite and has gone to compete with Trulieve ground flower for best ground flower in Florida. With it being very popular it sells out very quickly just like Trulieves ground flower. Many patients are asking how to get Grow Healthy ground flower and if there schedule to the drops.

How To Get Grow Healthy Ground Flower: Drop Schedule

How To Get Grow Healthy Ground Flower

At the time of writing this, there are no confirmed drop schedules announced from Grow Healthy. Unlike Trulieve that drops ground flower, every Wednesday of the week Grow Healthy has not set a day they drop ground flower. It is somewhat random to when the ground flower is dropping. But that doesn’t stop us from making our own schedule. Using data from past Grow Healthy Last Resort drops and asking budtenders/managers at different Grow Healthy. The community has determined its own drop schedule.

For one we have determined Grow Healthy ground flower drops at least twice a month. Then from looking at past drops they tend to drop on a Monday. Knowing that the community has determined the theory is currently every other Monday of the month that Grow Healthy Last Resort ground flower drops.

For example, this means if the first drop is on a Monday on the 1st of a month the second drop should be on Monday the 14th of a month. This is not confirmed but has been proving somewhat true. How do know when the next drop is? Either by checking the date of the emails Grow HEalthy sends out or by the Reddit posts when it’s up you can see the past drop dates. Then jump forward two Mondays and that “should” be the next drop date.

How To Get Grow Healthy Ground Flower: Drop Day

How to know if it is a drop day? One is signed up for the Grow Healthy email newsletter. If it is a ground flower day they will send out an email announcing it is and what strains are available early in the morning. If you catch the email right when it comes in around 8 AM you can place the order and be set. You can sign up for the Grow Healthy newsletter at the bottom of their website.

Second on the front page here on We always post if the ground flower is up for both Trulieve and Grow Healthy as soon as we get the email. Lastly the Reddit and Discord group. People will repost the email from Growhealthy announcing to the community it is dropping. This is a good source but be fast as if it’s on Reddit then almost everyone knows about it so it just sells out faster.

On the day go to the page and place the order for pick up or delivery. Make sure to fully check out and either write down or screenshot the confirmation number. Also double-check you have enough rec left on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry as Grow Healthy sometimes takes the rec out when you place an order so if you don’t have enough there is no time to call the doctor.

Hope This Helps. Stay safe And Stay Medicated.