Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments AZ3

A new Puffco Peak Pro glass attachments can not only improve the look of the Puffco Peak Pro but also the performance allowing more water movement for a smoother hit. One thing you might not have known is that the glass attachment for the original Puffco Peak will work on the new Puffco Peak Pro so if you happen to have both and you broke the new Peak Pro glass you can just swap the tops.

Since the mouthpiece is made of glass there are two paths when it comes to buying a new glass attachment. Like water pipes and dab rigs, there are the inexpensive ones made by smaller no-name brands and then there are expensive glass pieces from reputable makers. While there might not be a difference in use there will be a difference in the quality of the glass and the piece.

The first option is the more expensive glass attachments that can range from $100 to $400 found at smoke shops like Cream City Vapes. These are made by professional glassmakers with some name recognition in the Puffco world. The second is the cheaper glass found on Amazon and eBay for less than $100 there is a bunch of Puffco Peak glass attachment replacements that have the same shape as the original glass top and then there are more elaborate pieces. To see some Puffco Peak alternatives click here.

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments: Cream City Vapes

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments CCV3
Boro Farm

For a quality, Puffco Peak Pro glass attachment made by a professional and artist you will be paying more than the cheaper Amazon or eBay ones but they will have more attention to detail in not only the design and style of the glass but the measurements and fit of the glass attachment on the Puffco Peak to make sure water doesn’t leak. You can buy quality artisan Puffco Peak glass attachments at most smoke shops and online.

I will be looking at some from Cream City Vapes as they sell dope pieces made by amazing makers. They sell glass attachments from credible makers like Boro Farm and Eternal Flameworks along with the stock and travel glass attachments. These pieces range in price depending on the size, color, and complexity of the piece. I have included two example pieces of the Boro Farm and Eternal Flameworks glass pieces but they do make them in different colors and shapes. To see all of Cream City Vapes Puffco Peak Pro glass attachments click here.

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments CCV2
Eternal Flameworks

The Boro Farm one goes for $280 and comes with a matching carp cap. That style comes in other designs and colors if the yellow swirl is not your cup of tea. They do have cheaper options at around $140 and more expensive options that go $340. The Eternal Flameworks one goes for $200 and also comes with a matching carp cap. They have more of a limited option in terms of size and colors but they also offer it in clear as well. Eternal Flameworks also has a different design which goes for $280 with the matching carp cap.

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments: Amazon

There are a bunch of Puffco Peak glass attachments listed on amazon for sale for low prices. If you are a budget-oriented consumer then the amazon route is the way to go. For one they have stock lookalike glass attachments for much lower than what Puffco peak sells them for. Granted the quality might not be the same but if you need a quick and cheap replacement it is not that bad.

Puffco Peak Pro Glass Attachments AZ1

One major key to buying glass attachments on Amazon is looking at the number of star reviews and customer reviews. It is super important to read the reviews on these glass pieces and see what others who purchased them are saying. Here is where you will find out if the piece is good or not. Whether it leaks, does not fit right, or not be as the pictures described.

Also, look at the dates the reviews were posted as for older products they could have fixed some of those issues or new ones could have arisen. Also in the reviews, you will find helpful tips on how much water to put in, how to clean it, and some other helpful information about owning and maintaining the glass top.

The HNHZ top glass attachment seems to be one of the most popular options with a lot of good reviews. Going for only $40 is looks and seems to be a good value purchase. There are some great in-depth reviews we recommend reading before purchase that touch on the quality, how much water to fill, and more.

Hope this post helped you made a decision on your next Puffco Peak Glass Attachment. Stay Medicated!