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Todays Florida Dispensary Deal

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Todays Florida Dispensary Deals and Discounts

Todays Florida Dispensary Deals

Here is a list of today’s Florida dispensary deals for Trulieve, MUV, Sunnyside, Vidacann, Liberty Health Sciences, Curaleaf, GreenDragon, Grow Healthy, Cannabist, Insa, Rise, Sanctuary, Cookies, Sunburn, GoldLeaf, HT Medical Cannabis, Surterra Wellness, The Flowery, Fluent, and Jungle Boys.  It is updated in real-time as new dispensary deals go up there. Please always check the date of deals to ensure the dispensary deal is still active by calling the dispensary. We apologize if a deal is unclear on which dispensaries it belongs to, as we do not make the marketing material but repost what the dispensary posts. To see constant Florida dispensary deals like veteran discounts, senior discounts, and more click here. 

How To Verify Todays Florida Dispensary Deals

  1. Check the dispensary’s respective website and menu. Many times the dispensary deals and promotions will be posted on the dispensary home page or on their menu either directly on the sales items or under a tab marked “specials” or “sales”.  This is also the best place to see if there are any exclusions or limitations on the deal. Usually the home page, will have in tiny font or a link to another webpage outlining the terms and service for the deal. 
  2.  Call the respective dispensary and inquire about the dispensary deal. Speaking to a budtender or customer service representative from the dispensary should be able to inform you about the current deal and promotion. They should also know any limitations, exclusions are other terms regarding the sale. This can be hard as some dispensaries do not let you call the dispensary near me directly instead directing you to a company-wide customer service center which can have long hold times and the representatives that are not directly in the dispensary you shop at so they ca inform you about any stock.
  3. Check emails, text, or social media. At Flcannabisdeals, we get all our dispensary deals and dispensary discounts directly from the dispensary promotion campaigns. So if you have signed up there is a good chance you also received the email or text about the promotion. This can be a quick way to see what time the deal was sent out and usually towards the bottom of the email or text it lists all the terms and services for that deal. Some dispensaries post the deals on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook groups as well. This one does not apply to all dispensaries. 
  4. Stopping by a dispensary. Trulieve, MUV, Sunnyside, Vidacann, AYR, Curaleaf, GreenDragon, Grow Healthy, Cannabist, Insa, Rise, Sanctuary, Cookies, Sunburn, GoldLeaf, House of Platinum Cannabis, Surterra Wellness, The Flowery, Fluent, and Jungle Boys. If you live close enough or are already in the area you can stop by and ask the check-in counter about the dispensary deals.  They should have all the information available before you go into the shopping area. It helps to screenshot or save the dispensary deal from this site so you can show the check-in counter or budtender in case of any confusion. 
  5. Check the subreddit and discord chats. Here you can see other patients posting and discussing dispensary deals and promotions and what they are looking to buy. The majority of deals are posted on the forms and discords but sometimes the less popular dispensaries or the ones with fewer locations do not get the attention of the entire Florida patient community. Still, a great tool if want advice on what deal to take advantage of and what products others are recommending. 

Hope this helps clarify how to verify the dispensary deals and promotions going on at any given time. Again we do not make the deals but rather just share them so any question or concern about a deal should be towards the respective dispensary either by call or chat. if you have any comments or suggestions for please feel free to contact us via Discord, email, or our contact page. Stay medicated!