Top 5 Best Dispensary In Florida 2021

The debate of the best dispensary in Florida is a hard one to have as many factors come into play like products, locations, and more. We have used the community from Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and on here to help us decide what we think the best dispensary in Florida is. Due note everyone’s needs for medical marijuana are different and some dispensaries might cater to a certain product or illness more than others so for you the best dispensary in Florida might be different. This list is more focused on the overall quality and reputation of the dispensary image and not specific location reviews. To vote on the worst and best dispensary in Florida click here. Another factor is the location as many of the best dispensaries in Florida have multiple locations they are not in every city and thus might not be the best in your eyes if you can not even visit them conveniently. If you are planning on visiting a dispensary click here to see all dispensary deals and discounts.

1st Best Dispensary In Florida: Grow Healthy

Best Dispensary In Florida: Grow Healthy

If you have been in the loop for the past couple of weeks you might already know that Grow Healthy is currently the best dispensary in Florida being a strong community favorite. With 17 locations across Florida, they are almost everywhere and growing. One of their main draws is their product lineup. They are the main competitor to Trulieve with their Littles and Last Resort ground flower options. Along with their other products Grow Healthy has great products and reliable prices compared to their competitors. They also offer free delivery across Florida. The only downside is the best products are usually out of stock and sell out quickly.

2nd Best Dispensary In Florida: MUV

1 Best Dispensary In Florida: MUV

MUV is another great dispensary with 30 locations across Florida at the time of writing. Of course, it would be one of the best if it didn’t have the products to back it up. MUV shines in their gummies, RSO, tinctures, and edibles. Not every dispensary in Florida sells RSO and many patients find it very helpful for relief for their illness. Along with their gummies that are not sold in every dispensary, they have a great selection for nonsmokers so they can still get the effects and benefits of medical cannabis. Their concentrates and vape carts are of high quality while being competitively priced. Overall great dispensary and the staff always are smiling like all dispensaries they do face stock issues.

3rd Best Dispensary In Florida: SunnySide

Sunny Side Florida dispensary deals and discounts

SunnySide is another community’s favorite dispensary with only 7 locations at the time of writing. Formerly known as One Plant. SunnySide’s biggest attraction is its flower selection and concentrates. They let you buy a full container of an ounce of flowers. As well as having leftovers and snap options. They are also the only dispensary that lets you just buy one gram and not in a preroll. Their strains are also highly praised, strains like Mac and Runtz are given high marks of being amazing quality. The only downside to SunnySide is the price. While some products like the snaps and leftovers are fairly priced their top-tier strains can get pricy.

4th Best Dispensary In Florida: Trulieve

Best Dispensary In Florida: Trulieve

Trulieve has so much potential to be the best dispensary in Florida and for many, it might be but there are just too many behind-the-scenes issues before they can take the title. Having the most locations out of any dispensary at 75 locations in Florida makes them the most common. Anywhere in Florida, there is a Trulieve. They have a wide product selection: edibles, RSO, concentrates, minis, ground flower, Trupods, and more they have it all. Trulieve is the Walmart of dispensaries as they carry everything and are everywhere. The issues come with the high lobby wait times, website order issues, delivery issues, rumors of staff mistreatment issues, and order cancellation. While all dispensaries have some of these issues Trulieve has them constantly week after week. For many, it is not worth the headache.

5th Best Dispensary In Florida: Curaleaf

curaleaf Florida dispensary deals and discounts

Curaleaf has all the features that would describe the best dispensary in Florida. Locations all across the state, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and a long product line. The Select vape lineup has been given pretty high remarks from reviewers. They even have their own unique products like the Nano chew edibles that are different than other edibles with the fast onset Nano chew technology. The prices are average but Curaleaf always has week-long sales going on that help if you bulk buy. The biggest drawback to Curaleaf is the product quality being hit or miss. Manly the flower can be fresh or dried out and harsh to smoke. Not to say it is a bad flower but the batches seem to vary too much. But usually, the flower they know has been sitting for a while goes on sale allowing you to pick up large amounts for a fraction of the price if you don’t mind older bud.

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