Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak 2022

Portable e-rigs have taken the market by storm. Today we will be looking at the Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak, comparing the features of each product in hopes of helping you make an educated buying decision. Both Pulsar and Puffco are reputable companies that have been in the smoking space for a while. Pulsar has a history in glass and Puffco has made several other E-rig and vaporizers in the past.

Vaper size and quality will not be a factor in the article as it varies too much from user to user. The size and quality of a vape cloud can be depended on temperature, concentrate type, and more. Both companies make good e-rigs and depending on what form you are in online people always have positive and negative things to say about each product. At the core, they achieve the same tasks but do have some differences that depending on your preference might or might not be worth the extra costs. See the chart below for a quick overview of each product.

DevicePriceLinkBatteryTemp Settings
Pulsar Rok$250Here25 Dabs Per Charge3
Puffco Peak Pro$399Here30 Dabs Per Charge4 + App
Puffco Peak Orignal$250Here30 Dabs Per Charge4

Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak: Pulsar RoK Pros and Cons

The Pulsar RoK has all the features you would expect from a $250 e-rig but also has some cons that users have reported. It has three heat modes and the RöK Mode which maintains the temperature for 30 seconds allowing you to hit it continuously. The Pulsar RoK does allow you to smoke both flowers and concentrates but be warned as smoking flowers in it makes it very dirty / clogs the atomizer and will most definitely need a clean before smoking concentrates.

Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak: Pulsar Pros and Cons

It does have some drawbacks like how the base is a glass chamber so it is the most vulnerable to breaking. Also, many users dislike how high up the chamber is compared to other e-rigs. The battery life is ok with some owners saying it is too short and with the micro USB charge it can take up to 3 hours to charge.

In the box, you will get: 1x RoK All-Metal Electric Dab Rig Base 1x Quartz Coil 1x Dry Herb Coil 1x Silicone Collar 2x Airpath Tubes 1x Glass Downstem 1x Concentrate Carb Cap 1x Herb Carb Cap 1x Mouthpiece 1x Glass Beaker Base 4x Pre-Loaded Alcohol Cotton Swabs 1x USB Charger 2x Cleaning Brushes 1x Metal Dabber.

-Small form factor: Standing at 6.75″ tall
-Ability to smoke flower and concentrates
-Showerhead bubbler
-30-second ‘RöK Mode’

-Only three temperature settings
-Short battery life
-Slow charging
-Glass is the base making it easy to chip or scratch

Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak: Puffco Peak Pros and Cons

The Puffco Peak Pro is currently the community favorite number one e-rig out there. Being the new and improved Puffco Peak it has a ton of new features and improvements to the older original Puffco Peak with a $399 price point it is full of newer features like faster charging, an app that can control temperature, wireless charging, a bigger chamber, and more. It is an amazing device but it does have some drawbacks.

Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak: Puffco Peak Pros and Cons

The biggest issue users have with the Puffco Peak Pro is the atomizer getting clogged up and burning out if you don’t clean it. Another drawback is the fact that the bowl and insert are one-piece meaning you can not separate them to clean the bowl or replace it. After you get past the learning curve of temperatures and how to care for the atomizer so it won’t break it’s perfect. To see more Puffco Peak Pro alternatives click here.

In the box, you will get a metal loading tool, Dual tools (fancy Q-tips), an AC adapter, a USB-C cable, a Carb cap tether, an Oculus carb cap, a Chamber, Glass, a Peak Pro Base, Carrying Cas

-Larger ceramic bowl compared to OG Peak
-USB C fast charging
-Wireless charging capabilities
-Temp control through the app

-Sensitive atomizers
-Can not switch inserts
-High price
-Can not smoke flower

Puffco Peak Orignal:

The Peak Original is the predecessor of the Peak Pro. They look very much alike but the Pro is better in every way. The original still does the job but it is a much bare-bone device. With it being the first device it does have some defects and issues that were fixed in the Pro. Nothing that makes the device unusable but rather constant issues with the atomizer and temperatures. The temperature settings are better on the Pro, the bowl is bigger on the Pro, the atomizer is better designed on the Pro, and more.

The biggest things that attract users to the Puffco Peak original are the $150 price and the fact you can interchange the bowls on the insert on the original Peak letting you swap bowls in between sessions and easy to clean.


In the question of Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak, the clear answer is Puffco Peak Pro. While it is over $100 more than the Pulsar the features and build quality make a difference. The biggest difference between the Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak Pro is the battery life and temperature options. The Puffco Peak Pro offers more range in temperature and longer battery life for more hits. They both have their own design and user issues people have reported on but overall the Puffco is a better device.

If you are looking for a more barebones / cheaper product and don’t care for all the features the Puffco Pro offers then the Pulsar Rok is still a good buy. It does go pretty head to head with the Puffco Peak original but with the Puffco Peak original leaving store shelves as years go on it might be harder to get replacement parts in the next couple of years.