5 Florida Dispensary Products

Florida dispensaries have been open for over four years now. The Florida dispensary products lineup has grown from a couple of options to a wide variety of products. New and better products are coming to dispensaries every year that bring new ways to consume cannabis and get medical benefits. For many people, there might be complications or reasons why they can’t smoke, ingest or consume some kind of cannabis product so dispensaries are constantly working to make sure every patient has some kind of option of getting the medical cannabis they need. To see all Florida dispensary deals and discounts click here.

1) Florida Dispensary Products: Flower

Florida Dispensary Products: Flower

The first thing that comes to a lot of people’s minds when they think Florida dispensary is the flower. Believe it or not, at the beginning of the Florida dispensary scene flower was not allowed to be sold and it took a good amount of time for policies to change. Luckily we have all kinds of flowers to buy. In a Florida dispensary, the flower products can come in many forms like a whole flower, popcorn flower, kief, ground flower, and prerolls. Most dispensaries carry some kind of flower with whole flower and prerolls being the most common. The ground flower is a community favorite as it offers the most grams for the lowest price. To smoke flower in the state of Florida, you need an additional prescription on your MMUR ( Medical Marijuana use Registry) called “smoking Marijuana”.

2) Florida Dispensary Products: Concentrates

Florida Dispensary Products: Concentrates

The second most popular product in a Florida dispensary products line up is concentrate. This is a super dense and concentrated form of cannabis to give a very potent hit. Usually requires some kind of gear like glass or electronic dab rigs to consume but you can always put some on your flower and smoke it normally. Concentrates come in many forms like: crumble, rosin, shatter, wax, distillate. Not all dispensaries carry all the forms on concentrates so call or check online to see what they carry. The most common is wax and distillate syringes. Concentrates go under inhalation on the MMUR.

3) Florida Dispensary Products: Vapes

Florida Dispensary Products: Vapes

Vapes fall into concentrates but are prepackaged and easier and more convenient to use. They usually have some kind of distillate or rosin inside of them. They fall into three categories which are: disposable, 510 cartridges, and brand-specific pods. The easiest to use is the disposable as it requires no additional gear and all you do is pull on it or push a button. The most common and found in all dispensaries are the 510 vape cartridges. These require a 510 threaded battery which you can get at any smoke shop for less than twenty dollars. Vapes like concentrates fall under inhalation in the MMUR.

4) Florida Dispensary Products: Orals

Florida Dispensary Products: Orals

Oral is an interesting category and is super dispensary specific. Some dispensaries take pride in their oral product selection while others just have one or two options. Trulieve is one that goes above and beyond with their oral product by having tea powder, mints, and other oral solutions. Like the name suggests oral cannabis is a type of product that can be taken orally. Some oral products you might find are RSO, capsules, and distillate syringes. The most common being RSO and distillate syringes. With RSO being the most popular in the category. Orals go under the oral category prescription in the MMUR.

5) Florida Dispensary Products: Edibles

Florida Dispensary Products: Edibles

Edibles are the newest edition to many Florida dispensary products. As confusing as it sounds edibles do not go into the oral section. Edibles are specific as they come in the form of baked goods. Some common forms are chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, and gummies. The most common one being gummies with a handful of Florida dispensaries carrying some kind of gummy edibles. Edibles like flowers require an additional prescription on the MMUR called edibles and will not be sold without it.