Trulieve Flower Prices 2022

Trulieve Flower Prices

Trulieve is one of the most popular dispensaries in the state of Florida. They are very competitive in terms of their Trulieve flower prices and the number of locations they have. At the time of writing, Trulieve has already dispensed over 26,000 ounces of smokeable flower from February 5th -11th. They also have the most locations out of any Florida dispensary at 75 at the time of writing. All figures are reported from the OMMU and can be found on the website here. Here we will list the Trulieve flower prices and products. To see all Florida dispensary deals and discounts click here.

TruFlower 3.5 Grams$33-$58
Minis 3.5 Grams$27
TruFlower Ground7 Grams$25
TruFlower Big14 Grams$120
Pre-Rolls.5 Grams / 1 Gram$8 / $13

Trulieve Flower Prices: TruFlower 3.5G

Trulieve Flower Prices truflower

One of the first flower products Trulieve started to carry was the normal eighth or 3.5 grams under the TruFLower name. It comes in many strains and variations with the Cultivar Collection and Old Hippie Stash product lines. Like the name says you are getting 3.5 grams of the whole flower with some big and small nugs. This Trulieve flower prices range from $33-$58 on the low to high end. Most fall somewhere in between at $43 dollars. Overall pretty nice and quality product. The issue is it doesn’t stack up compared to their other flower offerings for much less.

Trulieve Flower Prices: Minis 3.5G

Trulieve Flower Prices minis

The Trulieve Minis are a super hot product that the community absolutely loves. As they are named Minis they are basically a mini version of the whole flower Truflower but still weigh in the same. So you still get 3.5 grams of flower but the nugs are smaller and referred to as popcorn nugs. This doesn’t impact the usability or effects at all. They come in a bunch of different strains and each week is a different group of strains. The Minis drop every Monday so be sure to wake up early to place an order. The Mini Trulieve flower prices at $27 regardless of strain. Trulieve does limit the amount you can buy at 2 per strain per patient per day.

Trulieve Flower Prices: Ground Flower 7G

Trulieve Flower Prices ground flower

Another hot product and community favorite is the Trulieve ground flower or as they call it TruFlower Ground. Essentially it is a jar filled with pre-grounded flower. What makes it so good and so popular is the price point. The ground Trulieve flower prices at $25 per container regardless of strain. Every week is a group of different strains including a riddler strain which is a combination of strains. It is great for filling cones, bowls, and bongs and mixing with higher-quality flowers. It is a big debate in the community if the ground flower is worth it or if it is a waste of money. But just based on the price per gram it is hard to complain. To learn when and how to get Trulieve ground flower to click here.

Trulieve Flower Prices: TruFlower 1/2 oz

Trulieve Flower Prices Half ounces

The newest addition to the Trulieve flower lineup is Truflower in 14 grams containers or half an ounce. This is the first Trulieve has done with bulk flower purchases and is to compete with many other dispensaries that offer more than just 3.5 grams like Grow Healthy and One Plant. Right now the strains are limited but we assume over time more and more of the normal TruFlower eights strains will come to the half ounces ones. The half an ounce of Trulieve flower is prices at $120. With the half-ounce equaling 4 normal eights which can cost up to $172 it is some savings. It still doesn’t beat just getting 3 Minis on Mini Monday for $108.

Trulieve Flower Prices: Pre-Rolls

Trulieve Flower Prices pre-roll

What’s a dispensary without pre-rolls? The most basic of all flower products and the cheapest. It is a stable of any dispensary and of course, Trulieve carries them. They come in two main kinds the halves or .5 grams and the wholes 1 gram. The halves are $8 for .5 grams and the wholes are $13 for 1 gram. They are nice for a quick smoke and go and make a nice filler for bowls and joints but other than that they are nothing crazy. Sometimes you need to raise the order minimum to get free delivery and they come in handy being one of the cheapest things on the site.