Best Florida Dispensary SNAP Discounts & SSI Discount

Florida DispensarySNAP Discounts & SSI Discounts
Grow Healthy SNAP & SSDI20% Off
House Of Platinum Cannabis SNAP20% Off
Surterra Wellness SNAP SSDI & SSI20% Off
Cannabist SNAP & SSI15% Off
Sanctuary SSDI & SNAP15% Off
Trulieve SNAP10% Off
Insa SNAP10% Off
Curaleaf SNAP SSDI & SSI10% Off

Best Florida Dispensary SNAP Discounts & SSI Discount 6/28/23

Grow Healthy SNAP & SSI Discount

Grow Healthy SNAP Discount

Grow Healthy SNAP & SSDI Discount: 20% Off

Grow Healthy SNAP discount is here to help those in need with their SNAP & SSDI discount, offering a generous 20% off on purchases. This is a fantastic opportunity for eligible customers to save big on their cannabis products. To learn more about this deal, check out the Grow Healthy Discounts Page.

House Of Platinum Cannabis SNAP Discount

House Of Platinum Cannabis Florida dispensary deals and discounts

House Of Platinum Cannabis SNAP Discount: 20% Off

The House Of Platinum Cannabis SNAP discount gives patients who are a part of the SNAP program a 20% discount on their purchases at HT Medical Cannabis 20%. This is an excellent opportunity for eligible patients to save big on their cannabis products. See more information on the House Of Platinum Cannabis Discounts Page.

Surterra Wellness SNAP Discount

Surterra Florida dispensary discount and deals big

Surterra Wellness SNAP Discount: 20% Off

The Surterra Wellness SNAP discount is a great deal for those who are eligible, as it works with SNAP, SSI, SSDI, and more. Customers can receive a generous 20% discount on their purchases, but they must show an active ID to receive the discount. Note that this discount cannot be combined with other offers, except for loyalty rewards, and it excludes accessories. Check out Surterra Wellness Discounts Page for more information.

AYR SNAP & SSI Discount

AYR Florida dispensary deals and discounts2

AYR SNAP & SSI Discount: 15% Off

Patients who are enrolled in financial assistance programs can take advantage of the AYR SNAP & SSI discount, which offers 15% off their purchases. However, it’s worth noting that AYR doesn’t specify which programs are eligible for the discount, so it’s best to call ahead and inquire about the specific requirements. For more information about this discount and other available deals, check out AYR Discounts Page.

Cannabist SNAP & SSI Discount

Cannabist SNAP Discount

Cannabist SNAP & SSI Discount: 15% Off

If you’re on Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SNAP, or another qualifying program, you can take advantage of the Cannabist SNAP discount to get 15% off your order. It’s worth noting that while many other dispensaries also accept a variety of programs, Cannabist is especially transparent about which ones they accept.

Sanctuary SNAP Discount

Sanctuary SNAP Discount

Sanctuary SNAP Discount: 15% Off

The Sanctuary SNAP discount offers 15% off for patients enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, SSDI, and other similar programs. To receive this discount, patients must present a valid identification card. The discount is comparable to those offered by other Florida dispensaries. Check out the Sanctuary Discounts Page for more information.

Trulieve SNAP Discount

Trulieve SNAP Discount

Trulieve SNAP Discount: 10% Off

The Trulieve SNAP discount recipients receive a 10% discount on their purchases. This is an excellent initiative to assist those in need to acquire their medication without incurring high expenses. As Trulieve is one of the most prevalent dispensaries in Florida, many SNAP beneficiaries can take advantage of the discount. Check out the Trulieve Discounts Page for more details.

MUV SSDI Discount

muv Florida dispensary deals and discounts

MUV SSDI Discount: 10% Off

The MUV SSDI discount recipients provide a 10% off reduction on their purchases. MUV mentions on its website that they offer the discount exclusively to SSDI members, but it’s worth calling to inquire if your financial assistance program qualifies. For more information, please refer to MUV Discounts Page and FAQ

Insa SNAP Discount

Insa Florida dispensary deals and discounts

Insa SNAP Discount: 10% Off

Insa SNAP discount offers a 10% off discount on purchases through their compassion program for those who qualify for SNAP benefits. Patients must show proof of eligibility at the time of purchase. Insa has provided a form to get approved for the discount. Check out Insa Discounts Page for more information and how to complete their form.

Curaleaf SNAP Discount

curaleaf Florida dispensary discounts and deals

Curaleaf SNAP Discount: 10% Off

The Curaleaf discount for financial assistance recipients offers a 10% off discount on their purchases for those in assistance programs including SSDI, SNAP, and SSI, This discount is stackable with storewide promotions.

Florida Dispensary SNAP Discount

SNAP, which stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and SSDI, which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, are both government programs designed to provide financial assistance. While many dispensaries refer to this discount as a “SNAP Discount,” it applies to a variety of assistance programs. To avoid confusion, it’s recommended to call ahead and verify whether your program is eligible for the discount before placing an order.

Best Florida Dispensary SNAP Discount

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For patients enrolled in financial assistance programs, accessing cannabis medication can be challenging due to the high costs. Fortunately, many Florida dispensaries are aware of this issue and offer discounts to those on such programs. To qualify for the discount, patients are usually required to show proof of their program membership, which can be as simple as a card with their name on it.

We have compiled a list of Florida dispensaries that offer some form of financial assistance discount, but please note that this information is current as of our writing, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy at all times. Therefore, we highly recommend that customers call ahead or inquire in person about the current discounts available. Discount policies may change, or certain products may be excluded from the discount.

For more resources check out the OMMU linked here. Stay safe and stay medicated.