Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Gelato Review

By: The Stoner Standard @thestonerstandard On Instagram

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-STRAIN: Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Gelato (8/29/2022 harvest) (25.40% THC)

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Gelato review 2

Terpenes: 1.79%, could not get CoA, off the menu.

-PRICE: $55/half oz on sale

-METHOD: Combustion in Raw Organic Hemp 1.25 papers

-APPEARANCE: Lime green bud with a large dusting of yellow-green trichome layers. Rusty yellow pistils dominate the structure. Large nugs that stretch with a skunk-like bud structure.

-NOSE: Smooth vanilla and cake profiles with a hint of pine and dank. Reminiscent of a funky Wedding Cake.

-CURE: A tad dry upon touch, but breaks apart nicely and crispy. Sticky upon touch with a residue of oils on fingers upon release. Nice cure.

-TASTE: Sweet ice cream and heavy pound cake flavor. A hint of spice and pine gives an overall creamy smoke that gives a nice crisp exhale.

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Gelato review

-EFFECTS: Euphoric and sedative. Nearly fell asleep when used in high doses. Relaxes the mind and body while boosting creativity and happiness. Excellent effects.

OVERALL RATING (1-10, .25 increments): 8.75/10

NOTES: This strain would have been a 9+ were the cure not so dry. Even so, for less than 15 dollars an eighth, it’s a phenomenal batch of an excellent strain.