How To Get Trulieve Minis

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Trulieve Minis have been a very popular product since the day it was released. When does Trulieve Minis restock and how to get them has been a popular question since the start. The Trulieve Minis are 3.5 grams of smokeable ground flowers for $27. Depending on the branding of the flower some Minis are $30 like the Sunshine Cannabis and Old Hippie Strains. Essentially it is “popcorn nugs” or smaller nugs of flowers they did not want to put in the whole flower jars. Many times it is as fresh and strong as the full-price flower they are trying to sell.

Just by doing the math 3.5 grams for $27 equals $7.71 a gram which is fantastic in the Florida dispensary scene. With the whole flower jars going for $43-$53 for the same weight. Having a low price per gram makes it very popular and makes it pretty challenging to get your hands sometimes even selling out before noon. Luckily as more time has passed Minis are being stocked more and depending on the location can be in stock for a while. To see today’s Florida dispensary deals click here.

When Trulieve Minis
-Mini Monday / Suprise Saturday (sometimes)
-Starting at 5 AM
-Check The Instagram/ Email Day Before

Trulieve Minis jars

When Does Trulieve Restock Minis

As mentioned above Truleive has a set day for restocking Minis. They are dropped off every Monday early in the morning. Technically the dispensary store doesn’t open until 9 AM but sometimes the website updates early than that. We have seen the website update any time between 5 AM to 9 AM. Occuasaluy Truluive will do a Suprise Saturday drop where they restock some Minis on Saturday. The best way to know if this happens is to be on the Truliuve email newsletter or watch the front page of where we will post it if up.

Depending on the location, Trulieve Minis can sell out early in the day so try to get an order in as soon as you can. The best course of action is to wake up early on restock day and place the order online and go pick it up as soon as possible.


If you wake up early for work then before you leave for work go on the Trulieve website to check if it is restocked or updated if it is then you can place your order and they should hold it for 24 hours so you can get it after work. There have been stories of people who have ordered early in the day just to go in later and be told they have sold out. If this happens Trulieve usually makes it right by offering other products at a discount.

Going into Trulieve on restock day is a very risky play unless you plan to be there once it opens or it is a not-so-busy location. The majority of Mini orders come from the website and if they sell out from online orders they will not sell any to walk-ins.

We do not suggest calling in for an order on restock day. The phone number goes to their customer support line where you can place an order but the lines have been getting increasingly busy and wait times to speak to someone have increased. If you call and are on hold for more than 10 minutes then the hotline is very busy and might not be the best strategy. You can be on hold while you surf the Trulieve website and try to order online.

After you place your order always be on the lookout for an order confirmation email or text. If you order from the website we highly recommend taking a photo or screenshot of the order confirmation number it gives you after you checkout. Sadly there has been an increase in order cancellations from trulieve as sometimes their computers glitch and allow more orders than they have supplied. These confirmation numbers are can be used to look up if it’s ready for pickup.

Lastly, check the official trulieve Florida Instagram page and website for updates. They tend to post on their feed or story the day before Mini Monday saying what strains are available or if they are changing the days. On their website, they will have a large image banner in the shop section.

Trulieve Mini Discounts / Policy:

Unlike Trulieve ground flower, you can use any discount on Trulieve Minis. This includes veterans, SNAP, seniors,s and more. Sometimes if there is a sale going on that sale will exclude Minis but you have to read the fine print at the bottom of the promotional material or call and ask. In the past, there have been purchase limitations so patients can not buy all the Minis at once. The policy used to be two Minis per strain per patient. It seems that the policy is no longer active but if they do implement it again it is also found at the bottom of the promotional material and on the Minis store page.

What Trulieve Minis Strains Release?

Trulieve tends to drop the same strains of their bigger whole flower jars. This is on a week-to-week basis and what drops this week might not drop next week. As new strains get introduced they get added to the rotation of weekly drops. To see what strains are available you can, of course, go to the Truliueve website to see but the promotional material they send out it usually includes the list of strains and the THC percentages.

Hope you learned something, stay safe and stay medicated.