How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Florida 2023

Medical Marijuana is a fantastic form of natural medication that can relieve a lot of pains and discomforts for conditions you might be living with. In this post, we will outline how to get your medical marijuana card in Florida and what goes into that process. In 2016 Florida legalized the use of medical marijuana under Amendment two to treat patients suffering from all kinds of diseases. Since then a lot of progress has come with patients being allowed to smoke flowers and more dispensaries opening up. We hope you find the relief and treatment you need through medical marijuana.

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Qualifying Medical Conditions:
Chronic muscle spasms
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Crohn’s Disease
Depression and anxiety
Chronic pain
Terminal Conditions
And More

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Florida 2021

Believe it or not, but getting your medical marijuana card in Florida is pretty easy if you qualify and can afford it. It just breaks down into three simple steps that have their own smaller fees and parts to them.

Steps Overview:
1) Find A Doctor
2) Register Online
3) Go To A Dispensary

Step 1: Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor

The first step is to find a doctor and while this does sound like an easy step it is actually one of the most impart steps as it determines what your prescription will be and how much it will cost. The doctor is the one who puts your prescription on your file and that determines how much product you can buy per period. Your doctor is the one who also can prescribe the use of smoking flowers or buds. So going to the right one is important. Firstly, ask anyone you know in your area who has a medical marijuana card about who they go to, how much it costs, and if they are lax about prescription amounts.

Google and Facebook groups are also helpful for finding doctors in your area. The doctor’s fee usually goes for around $100-$200 and the prescription lasts for 7 months. Even if the prescription is low in the beginning you can always call your doctor and ask them to raise it. The issue is some doctors are stingy or have predecided “rules” that they won’t do this or prescribe more than this. In the end, it’s your medication and you should be the one to decide how much you can consume. Luckily the majority of doctors agree with this and happy to raise your prescription amounts if you ask.

When you go to the doctor it’s normal to feel embarrassed or shy especially if you already use cannabis. Just being open with your experience will help you in the end. You do not need a doctor’s note to see a medical marijuana doctor but you will need to provide some proof of your condition. The qualifying medical conditions are listed above and are as following Seizures Chronic muscle spasms Multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s Disease Post-traumatic stress disorder Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Cancer Crohn’s Disease Epilepsy Glaucoma HIV / AIDS Depression and anxiety Insomnia Chronic pain Migraines Terminal Conditions And More.

While there is a list that came out in 2016 with a handful of conditions on it many things have changed since then and doctors are prescribing medical marijuana for a lot more so call and ask if you qualify.

Things to talk to your doctor about are: If you want smokables flower, the difference between hybrid, Sativa, and Indica and the effects on your condition, the different ways to consume cannabis, the different products dispensaries carry, and all sorts of things about the space. Ask all the questions you have.

Step 2: Sign Up On The Medical Marijuana Use Registry Online

If you made it past step one congratulations! After your doctor and you have a chat and set things up and decide you are fit for medical marijuana they will sign you up with the state registry. Here is where you can apply for your card, see how much is left on your prescription, and renew your card.

At the doctor’s office, you should have completed a form where you say what email, name, and address you want to use for the registry. In less than a day, you should get an email asking you to set up your account and set up a password. Once you can get into the site you have to do some key things before you can get your card. Under the “your card” section you will need to fill out the sections:

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Florida 2021

1 ) Proof of residence, you will need to submit some kind of documentation that shows your Florida residency. A drivers license works fine for this

2 ) Signutue, sighn off and agree to the terms of use. A very easy step.

3 ) The $75 annual card fee. This fee is for your physical card and lasts for one year. Note they will not start processing your application until they receive the payment so do this as soon as you can.

Optional step) Your Florida medical marijuana card is tied to the DMV so by default they will use your license photo. If you do not want them to you need to submit a photo which then needs to be approved by the registry office. If you really do not want them to use your license photo after you submit a photo wait a day and call the office to see if it is approved as sometimes they will deny it and use your license photo without telling you.

After you complete all that you will see checkmarks on all the sections and it will say under review. This takes about two weeks. Unless something was wrong with the above sections you will get approved.

You will get an email in the next two weeks telling you you have been approved and give you your patient number. Now your physical card is coming through the mail but luckily you do not need that to buy products. All you need is the patient number and an active prescription (you can check on the registry website) to shop at a dispensary.

Step 3: Going To A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Now is the fun part, the part you have been waiting for, going to a dispensary. As mentioned earlier you do not need your physical card to go in but they will ask you for your license and patient number. If you do not know what dispensaries are near you a simple google search for “dispensary near me” will bring them all up. Products fall into 5 categories being oral, topical sublingual inhalation, and smoking.

Each has its own prescribed amount max that limits the amount of products you can buy per 70 days. You can check this online on the registry website under the “your profile” section. This is where your doctor puts a limit on how much you can buy and where talking to your doctor about raising those amounts comes in.

Doing a simple google search for dispensaries near me should bring all the local dispensaries right up. We recommend going to all of them to start to get the new patient discount and to see what their product line up is like. Also, many dispensaries have more active discounts for veterans, seniors, snap recipients, and even birthdays. A comprehensive list can be found here. If you do not have that many dispensaries near you do not worry as many offer state-wide delivery.

We hope this helped this was helpful on how to get your medical marijuana card in Florida. We hope the process was easy to go through and you find relief and treatment through your medication.

FAQ About How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Florida

-How much does it cost?

The medical marijuana registry costs $75 annually, with no negotiation. The prescription varies depending on what your doctor charges from $100-$200. Average $150 and the doctor’s prescription is only good for 7 months. So around $225 a year.

-Can You Get A Medical Card For Anxiety In Florida

Yes, not all doctors will prescribe it but we have seen plenty that will and plenty of patients that got their card with it. Granted we are not sure what they have to provide to the doctor to verify it but nonetheless, it works.

-How Long Does It Take To Get Your Medical Card In Florida

From seeing your doctor to getting your card in the mail takes around a month. The doctor appointment and online application is a day or two. The under review part is two weeks. And getting the card in the mail is a week. Roughly