Cannabis and IBS

In this video Evan Bentz a 5th-year Dietetics Student at the Florida State University shares how and why cannabinoids can help in the treatment of those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). “My presentation introduced cannabis history, federal legality, basic cannabis anatomy, and potential medicinal benefits of cannabinoid/terpene-specific treatment. Following, I analyzed the Dr. Banny S.

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Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak 2022

Portable e-rigs have taken the market by storm. Today we will be looking at the Pulsar Rok vs Puffco Peak, comparing the features of each product in hopes of helping you make an educated buying decision. Both Pulsar and Puffco are reputable companies that have been in the smoking space for a while. Pulsar has

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Top 4 Best Edibles In Florida

A lot of Florida dispensaries have started to list and sell edibles since they became approved by the FDOH for use but which are the best edibles in Florida? Since is kind of a hard question to answer since the majority of edibles are the same in terms of strength. When the FDOH or Florida

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How To Get Trulieve Minis

Trulieve Minis have been a very popular product since the day it was released. When does Trulieve Minis restock and how to get them has been a popular question since the start. The Trulieve Minis are 3.5 grams of smokeable ground flowers for $27. Depending on the branding of the flower some Minis are $30

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Focus V Carta V1 vs V2

Focus V Carta V1 vs V2, what’s the difference? Can you save money by buying the V1 instead of the new v2 and which one is better? The Carta V1 and V2 are electronic dab rigs made by Focus V that use rechargeable batteries that let you heat the chamber to high temperatures to smoke

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